County Wicklow Older Person's Council

The County Wicklow Older Person's Council

The County Wicklow Older Person's Council (CWOPC) is a voluntary group, established in December 2007 through funding from Wicklow County Council and Age & Opportunity, to provide a voice for older people in Co. Wicklow. The CWOPC supports and encourages older people to tell their stories about the types of things that make life difficult for older people but also about things that add to older people’s quality of life in Co. Wicklow. Knowing what is important for older people in Co. Wicklow, enables the Council to lobby and advocate on these issues at local, regional and national level and strive to bring about meaningful changes that will ensure people maintain their quality of life as they grow old. Membership of the CWOPC is open to organisations and individuals committed to improving the quality of life of older people. 

Mai Quaid – Chairperson
Margaret O’Toole – Treasurer
Pat Riordan


To further engage with older people at grass roots level and develop new pathways for the exchange of information by

  • Identifying issues affecting the lives of older people in Co. Wicklow, particularity those of older people marginalised or socially excluded, and in this way build a collective account of issues from the perspective of a broad range of older people, ensuring the CWOPC advocacy
  • and lobbying activities are evidence based and authoritative and enhancing the sign posting of information and resources within communities to enable older people link into information services.

The role and responsibilities of the County Wicklow Older Person's Council

  • Seek out the concerns of older people in their community through engaging with older people, their intermediaries (e.g. meals on wheels, St.Vincent de Paul, GPs, nursing home resident’s committees) and groups and provide feedback on these issues to the Committee.
  • When requested by committee, generate knowledge on specific topics / issues through local focus groups or other community forums.
  • Promote and raise awareness of the Council by distributing newsletters and other literature within their community and attend and speak at events (e.g. community information stands or evenings)

  • Sign post for older people, services and resources available within the community that can enhance their quality of life.

Agendas and Minutes of Meetings